WE ARE CLOSED FOR THE SEASON! See you in Spring, 2020.

Chilie Roasting

Early August thru Late September


Chilie Roasting is a very popular attraction  at our stand.  We take great pride in roasting the best Green Chilie that Colorado has to offer, directly from the fields around Brighton, Ft. Lupton and Pueblo.  Many people will ask us, “Are those Hatch Chilies”?  Our answer is simple…  We try to keep as many items as we can that are grown right here in Colorado.  Ultimately, our #1 goal is to provide the freshest produce available.  It would only be fresher if you picked it yourself. Remember that “Hatch” is only a name, and a very popular one at that as we see allot of cans in the Mexican Food section of the grocery stores that say “Hatch” on the bright yellow labels.  Additionally, Hatch New Mexico is also known as the Chilie Capital of the world and is frequently talked about when you think of Mexican Food. But, let’s put it this way…...if we were to take our Brighton Chilie to Hatch, it wouldn’t be as good mainly due to losing the freshness factor.  So, that’s why we don’t carry Hatch chive.  Additionally, Colorado grows many of the same varieties of Green Chilie that are grown in New Mexico.  There is one difference however….Allot of people who have purchased Hatch Chile think that there are only 4 kinds of chilies they can buy, Mild, Medium, Hot, and XX Hot.  Many people don’t realize that within those 4 kinds of chilie can be numerous different varieties.  We generally carry 9 different varieties and will let you choose which “Variety” you really want so that when you come back, you know exactly what to ask for.  Therefore, being able to bring in fresh picked chilie numerous times throughout the week is of most importance when it comes to freshness.  And, let’s not forget…..supplying Colorado Chilie fulfills our commitment to you as a “Colorado Proud” vendor.

 Our Varieties: 

· Anaheim Mild  

· Anaheim Medium 

· Anaheim Hot  

· Big Jim

· Mira Sol - Mosco (Mexican Hot) 

· Poblano (Ancho) 

· Dynamite  

· Sunny Brook