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Scofield Fruits, LLC is a family owned Produce Retailer located in the heart of Loveland Colorado.  We pride ourselves in providing some of the highest quality produce our state has to offer.  We are the premier source for the freshest, juiciest Colorado Peaches in Loveland.  We are also the only source for Fresh Pie Cherries in Loveland and the surrounding region.

We started selling sweet and juicy Colorado Peaches straight from the orchard in 1985.  Since then, we have expanded to provide a wide range of “Farm Fresh” produce including Apricots, Cherries, Melons, Tomatoes and many other fruits and veggies. 

Enjoy your time on our website and feel free to e-mail us with any suggestions, comments, etc.

Lastly, we hope to see you in our fruit stand one day as it is our guarantee, you will be satisfied every time.

About Us

Our History

 Scofield Fruits began in 1985  as a family hobby where we primarily provided Colorado Peaches, Tomatoes and Sweet Corn to our customers.  Since 1995, when Mike and LeighAnn Scofield began the "Second Generation", we have taken the business to new levels by expanding it to include a full line of Colorado’s best Produce, and Flowers & Plants.  Through the years, our customers have became our friends and family and have always trusted that we provide the best Colorado Grown products available.   Most importantly, we are still the same family business!​ 


Who we are

 LeighAnn Scofield - (The Peach Lady)!

If you have ever visited our fruit stand, you know exactly who LeighAnn is.  She manages the operation of the stand and has become locally known as “The Peach Lady”.  She is the person who makes sure that everything is stocked and displayed for sale.  Additionally, she assures that the products you walk out of the fruit stand with the best quality products we have available.  
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 Michael Scofield - Co-Owner

Michael mostly works behind the scenes assuring that we always have a adequate stock of fresh Colorado Produce to get us through each day.  He is in constant communication with our growers to always keep a fresh supply on the way. Additionally, he is the person who sets up shipping of Fresh Colorado Peaches from our door to yours.  
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Mariah and Cory Scofield - Our Children

If you have been following us through the years, you know who Mariah and Cory are.  They are the "Third Generation"!  Many can remember when we had each of them at the stand in playpens as toddlers.  Well they have really grown up and have became Icons around the fruit stand as well.  You will find Mariah helping our customers and running the register.  Cory is the muscle and is a huge help with keeping our Colorado Peaches and other Fresh Colorado Produce fully stocked.


Our Policy

Our Policy is to provide the Freshest Premium Quality produce that Colorado has to offer.  We have no "Middle Man" with most of our products. We work directly with our growers who also maintain the highest quality standards.

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Scofield Fruits, LLC

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Also Visit us at the Estes Valley Farmers' Market on Thursdays from 8:00-1:00.  (June-September)