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Pie Cherries



 Pie Cherries (also known as Sour Cherries) have become a very popular item  at our stand.  Until the 1960’s, Loveland Co. was known for its miles and miles of Sour Cherry Orchards.  Additionally, Loveland was home to the largest cherry orchard west of the Mississippi. Blight, Drought and a hard freeze wiped out most of Loveland’s cherry orchards in the 1960’s and they have not been actively farmed ever since.

Our Pie Cherries are farmed in Utah and are generally picked around the end of July however we carry frozen cherries during most of our season.  Cherries can be purchased in 2 lb bags, 8 lb or 27 lb buckets or in bulk.  All of our frozen cherries are pitted and have “No Sugar” added.  However, un-pitted cherries can be special ordered for pickup when the fresh cherries are picked.  We carry two varieties of cherries:

Montmorency Cherries

 Montmorency (Traditional Sour Cherry).  This is the sour cherry that we all grew up with.  This cherry is most popular in pies, jams, sauces, wines (bounce), etc. 

Balaton Cherries

The Balaton cherry is rather new but is becoming increasingly popular each season.  The Balaton originates in Hungary and is known for it’s larger size and firmer texture however, it is still a “Sour Cherry”.  Many of our customers have purchased the Balaton for pies, etc and are hooked.  Others however, prefer to stick with tradition.  Give the Balaton a try and see for yourself.  The Balaton is Mike’s favorite! 

Get on our "Fresh Pie Cherries List"

 If you would like to be added to our "Fresh Pie Cherries List", Please read the following:

Fresh Pie Cherries arrive around the end of July.  Upon arrival, there is only about a 3-5 day window where they can be picked up before they have to be frozen.  Pie Cherries are ONLY available for pickup from our stand and CANNOT BE SHIPPED.  You  ONLY need to send us your information if you are interested in “FRESH” 8 lb, 27 lb or Bulk Cherries.  Frozen 8 lb buckets can generally be purchased from our stand at any time during our open season unless you are in need of large quantity (15 or more buckets).  Frozen 2 lb bags are generally available daily at the fruit stand (while quantities last).


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