2019 Fresh Pie Cherries Information


  • Only place an order if you will be available to pick up Fresh Pie Cherries between Saturday August 3rd - Monday August 5th.  

  • **We do not ship Pie Cherries**
    • They MUST be picked up from our Stand in Loveland.

  • ​Extended Deadline to Order is Sunday, July 28th, 2019

This year’s Harvest is delayed by one week and will now arrive on Saturday, August 3rd.  You will receive an email if this date changes (we do not anticipate another change).  The crop is once again in ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ shape.

When Cherries arrive, we have a 3 day window to have them all picked up before they are frozen.  We will turn our cooler down on Sunday Evening 8/4/19 to start the freezing process.  If you pick up your cherries on Monday Afternoon they may be slushy and starting to freeze.  This is to maintain the quality of the fruit.

If you will not be able to pick them up within this time frame, please DO NOT place an order.  

Frozen Pie Cherries (8# Buckets and 2# Bags only) will be available at our Stand daily through the end of the season.

If you are interested in Frozen Pie Cherries, please DO NOT place an order.  Frozen Pie Cherries will be available daily through September at out stand.

Lastly, our online ordering page has an "Optional" field for your phone number. Please, Please, Please include your phone number when placing your order so that we have a quick way to contact you if we have any discrepancies. 

If you have additional questions, please email us at piecherries@scofieldfruits.com and we will reply promptly